About Us

After purchase, a link to the pdf download will be emailed to you. You must have Adobe Reader to open the file. This application is free and may be downloaded here: Adobe Reader Because of the digital-file format, there are no refunds, but if you're unhappy with a design or need help, please email me!

When I started knitting toys several years ago, I was thrilled with the results, but I have to admit, I really fell short when it came to seaming everything up. Most toy patterns are written to be knit flat, on two needles, then sewn together.

Suddenly, one day (without any warning), I thought of two things. First, why not knit the toy in the round so you won't have seams?? And then, why not full it so it could be sturdy and strong? From then on, designs started popping into my head. I looked at the world through enlightened eyes! 

Almost all of my designs are knit in the round, on double-pointed needles. Some of the animals have movable arms and legs, as they are attached by the old-fashioned method of using string for joints. I like to use glass eyes because I think they give the animal a more realistic look; however, I also like to experiment with embroidery stitches. The patterns are not really designed for infants or small children. They are really meant for the school-aged child who can respect a toy. They are also great for decorations.

If you've not ever knit on double-pointed needles before, please don't be afraid to try! Fulling your knitting is a great place to start, as the process magically melts away any little mistakes! And, the projects are all portable, too. Most take only one skein of yarn (or less) and, as you're going to wash it in very hot water before it's through, it doesn't matter where it's been! I can't count how many of my animals have rolled onto the floor in hospital waiting rooms and doctors' offices, recreation centers, lunchrooms and hair salons while they were being knit!

I hope you will try my designs and see how easy it really is. If you have any questions or problems, please don't hesitate to email me!