Doll Baby

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This Doll Baby took on a personality all her own! I had an old photo of my Dad as a baby (he was born in 1923, so you can tell how old the photo is!) ... anyhow, in the photo, there is a little doll lying next to him. It looks like it may have been a Nelke crib doll. So this is my version. I originally was going to put a bonnet on her head, but once I started her hair, I just had to keep going!
She is knit completely in the round on double-pointed needles and is a really super-easy pattern. Her hair is satin stitched directly onto her head. I sketched her face on embroidery stabilizer first, then pinned the stabilzer to her face to embroider. This was much easier than doing it freehand on such a large face! Knit all in one piece, she is soft and very huggable!